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Okay, where to start... :)

I was born in Ft. Campbell, KY, yes on the Army post, back in 1978. I grew up and did all the normal things, graduated high school, went to college, worked a couple of jobs in the hospital as an EKG interpreter, then joined the Air Force. I've been Active Duty for 6 years now, trying to make E-5. I've been working on computers in my AF career, but trying to retrain into a Med Tech since hospital work is more my cup of tea. Hopefully I'll find out about that soon since all the deployments are returning. We're also expecting our first child and he's due on May 11! We're really excited about it and if he's anything like he is in utero, he's going to be quite a handful! I also have cats, and one of them already seems attached to the baby. She loves to lay on my belly and purr, the baby kicking doesn't seem to bother her one bit...LOL!

I've been living in Colorado Springs for almost 3 years. Really like it here, but wish I didn't work at the AF Academy. It's a huge political game there. I'd be happier at a "real" base (as some people would say). I haven't really done a whole lot since the pregnancy but taking it easy. I work from home right now. But before, I was into physical fitness, back in September, I got my certification to teach Turbo Kickboxing. I'm hoping that once I have the baby and get some time, I can start teaching it at the base gym. It's an awesome cardio workout that seems to go by fast, before you know it, you've burned 400 calories. I would love to be a personal trainer or an exercise class instructor on the side. Some "lazy" activities I enjoy are playing Guitar Hero...LOL!! One of these days, I'd like to get Wii Fit.

Well, my mind is drawing blank so I'll stick a fork in this... :)

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